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About the content

Get rich in 21 days

The author chose to structure this book rather by days than by chapters, so as to help the reader grasp easier how many days are left until he gets rich.

During the 21 days (stages/levels) – which means that a day might last for a week, while a week might count as a day – depending on how quickly you assimilate the new information, this book will guide the reader and will tell him everything he needs to do to become a rich person. It’s not just material gains; it’s all kinds of abundance, like perfect health, high self confidence, inner peace, unconditional love, faith in God, etc.


Day 1: Desire

Today is the most important day of your life because you have started to read this guide.


Day 6: Persevere

Keep on giving it a go, despite all obstacles and dangers you expose yourself to.


Day 16: Fear of criticism

This fear is suppressing peoples’s genuine expression capacity, in every area of development.


Day 4: Visualization

We will talk about the subconscious mind and the way we can influence it. It can make all your wishes come true.


Day 13: Facts, not words

Life will offer you the opportunity to make lots of decisions. The worst enemy of determination is procrastination.


Day 21: Creator of your own life

You’ll become a different person, more enlightened, more powerful, more determined, and more ambitious.

What will this guide help you with?

This guide appeared as a manifestation of my commitment to help people to become millionaires in the shortest time possible. Why would I want everyone to be rich? Because abundance is our birth right. We are meant to live heaven on earth, but society manipulates us in such ways that it’s very hard to see the answers we need even if they are right in front of us.

“The formula of wealth” is the bridge that will help you close the gap between you and abundance, step by step, right now. Your mind will find solutions for every problem, your heart will smile because you will know exactly what you have to do, and you will be able to make decisions with unbelievable ease.

How it works

The book’s structure 

Practical advice 

    On the left hand, you will have a short and easy description of how the mechanics of getting rich work, and at the end of each day you will get homework assignments.

Applying them 

On the right hand of each chapter there is a blank page you can use for the homework and for personal conclusions.

Thanks from people whose lives have been changed for the better by the book

“Sara Parcer: I want to thank my best friend Gesica Ghibson because she told me about this book. Reading it changed my life very quickly. I recommend it to everybody.”

Sara Parcer

“The exercises from this book are amazing. They manage to positively influence you from the first pages. Although I was skeptical at first, you have to know that everything that is written here works 100%.”

Milan Geosupra

“I would like to thank the author very much for the incredibly useful informations that managed to bring an end to a very bad period in my life and change it completely in less then 21 days. This book was like a gift from heaven.”

Marlon Sibering

“In a world where everything seems lost, this author brings a book full of exercises that will help you become rich. I am really impressed of how fast you can change your life for the better. Thank you and congrats.” 

Cornelius Pangalovus

“WOW! Thank you for the precious informations. Thanks to “The Formula Of Wealth“, I managed to get out of insolvency very fast. Thank you so much once more! 

Ana Gesica Silenon

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